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Lėtinis nuovargis. Ar tai naujoji pandemija?

Chronic fatigue. Is this the new pandemic?

Fatigue after a hard day’s work, a stressful day or an illness is a condition – and it goes away quickly. But what if it lasts for weeks or even months? It’s a sign that the body is saying “enough”. Let’s talk more about chronic fatigue, which is increasingly common in busy lives. Chronic fatigue […]

Penki didžiausi mitai apie nerimą

5 Biggest Myths About Anxiety You Must Know

Each person is different, so anxiety can show up differently in everyone. Some people’s symptoms are worse and they even need to resort to medication and some cannot tolerate medication. Even though people have different experiences with anxiety, there are some facts about it, but also there are a lot of myths surrounding anxiety. Over […]