NOXNOX® Cooling Blanket

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Beat the heat and discover the coolest sleep. 100% Ice Silk fabric.

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The Coolest Blanket Ever.

Like Sleeping on a Cloud.

Provides airy comfort.

Sweat-free comfort.

Experience Cool Comfort

Unmatched breathability and refreshing coolness.

Ice Silk Fabric. Feels incredibly cool and silky against your skin.

Breathable Weave. Maximizes airflow for ultimate coolness.

Advanced Heat Dissipation. Rapidly transfers heat away for sweat-free comfort.

Ultra-Lightweight. Provides airy comfort without feeling heavy.



Discover the Coolest Sleep of Your Life

Discover the secret to the coolest sleep of your life. Our Cooling Blanket is your escape from hot, restless nights. Feel its silky “Ice Silk” fabric against your skin, drawing heat away and promoting an airy, refreshing sensation. Imagine sleeping on a gentle breeze, wrapped in lightweight, breathable comfort. Experience deep, rejuvenating rest with nights free from sweat and discomfort.

Product details

Size 150x200 cm.
Care instructions Machine wash gentle cycle, cool water. Use mild detergent; no bleach, fabric softener. Line dry or tumble dry low.

“Possibly the softest thing we’ve ever touched…”

“NOXNOX has changed my life and that’s no exaggeration.”

“A complete game-changer  for your sleep.”

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