Essential Oils Blend Roller “Good Night”


Essential oil blend roller designed to improve the quality of your sleep. This blend contains lavender, chamomile and neroli essential oils.

  • Suitable for combating stress
  • Help with disturbed sleep
  • Helps you relax

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Chamomile essential oil’s main characteristic is already in its name – calmness. This essential oil can help you de-stress, calm down and sleep more soundly and deeply.


Lavender essential oil has a particularly pleasant scent that can help you calm down, concentrate and of course relax.


Extracted from the bitter blossoms of orange trees, neroli gives this essential oil blend a particularly pleasant citrus scent that can help you forget the troubles of the day and help you drift off to sleep.

Straight from nature

Every ingredient in this essential oil blend is designed to improve your rest and sleep. When we combine the benefits of lavender, chamomile and neroli, we get a blend that can help you relax after a hard day and fall into a quick, deep sleep.

Recommendations for use
Apply essential oil blend

We recommend applying this blend of lavender, chamomile and neroli essential oils to the skin before bedtime, or whenever you want to create a calming atmosphere. For best results, apply the oil to the wrists, hands, inner knees, neck and behind the ears. These are the areas where the blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin, so it can help you feel the positive effects more quickly.

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Apply the blend directly to your skin. For best results, we recommend applying essential oils to the wrists, hands, neck, behind the ears or on the inner part of the knees, as these are the areas where the blood vessels are closest to the surface of the skin, which makes it easier for the body to absorb essential oils.

All our essential oil blends are made from 100% natural essential oils. These blends use a soothing oil with vitamin E as a base.

You can use them anytime you feel stressed, irritated or just want to relax.

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