NOXNOX sleep mask – goggles


The all new sleep goggles! They help you fall into deeper sleep by creating a blackout effect.

  • Excellent gift
  • Removable and replacable covers
  • One size fits all.

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Experience deeper sleep with the NoxNox sleep goggles

If you want to ensure deeper sleep, you need complete darkness and that is exactly what you will get with the new sleep band from NOXNOX. As soon as you put it on you will feel how it adapts to the shape of your face and keeps all the light out of your eyes. Because of this effect your body falls into a deeper state of sleep, allowing your body to rest better at night.



Questions and answers

The goggles only come in one size, but they are adjustable, so you can be sure that they will fit you perfectly!

Absolutely not. The goggles are made to adjust to your face and they apply just enough pressure to keep the light out, but not enough to irritate your eyes or skin.