Slow Living Set


This great bundle set includes:

  • 1x chosen weight blanket
  • 1x chosen color hoodie blanket
  • 1x weighted sleep mask

Please select your weighted blanket weight and hoodie blanket color below.

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Unique 2-in-1 Bamboo Fiber & Minky Dot Cover

Unique cover, that you can use in the winter as well as in the summer, as each side is made from a different material. The bamboo fiber side will help keep you cool on hot summer nights. The other side is made of a material, called “Minky Dot”, which is an incredibly soft material, that helps you warm up even on the coldest of nights. This material will gently soothe you and will not irritate your skin, no matter how sensitive it is.


Eco-friendly Filling

The blanked gets its weight from the tiny glass beads inside. They spread evenly throughout and you will not be able to hear, nor feel them.These glass beads are made from certified materials that are friendly to the human body as well as the environment. They give the weighted blanket it’s main feature – the weight, that helps you calm down and makes sure that you sleep better.

The blackout effect

Feel the Benefits of Deeper Sleep with the NoxNox Weighted Eye Mask

If you want to experience deeper sleep, you’ll need complete darkness and that is exactly what the weighted eye mask from NoxNox offers. The moment you put your mask on you’ll feel how it gently presses down on your face, blocking out any light around you. Because of this effect you can enter a deeper phase of sleep, which allows your whole body to relax more during the night.

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