Somnus CBD Infused Topical Oil Blend



Topical mixture of lavender essential oil and CBD for sleep. A supplementary external aromatherapy aid for sleep and relaxation. Intended for external use. More

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We recommend using it in the evening when you are preparing to sleep.


CBD and lavender. A perfect combination from nature for your rest and calmness.

Topical Use

This is a topical mixture of CBD, lavender essential oil, and carrier oil.

CBD and Lavender

CBD – otherwise known simply as hemp oil – is known for its special properties such as reducing anxiety, relieving pain, and improving sleep quality. Lavender essential oil is known for its particularly pleasant scent, which can help to calm down, focus, and of course, relax.

NOXNOX® Somnus CBD information

From the Nature

Both the beneficial properties of hemp oil and lavender have been known to mankind for a very long time, but recently we are rediscovering these products. The latest technologies allow us to combine the best properties of these oils into one product, which can have a special positive effect on your sleep, rest, and overall well-being.

Usage of Somnus CBD

We recommend using this CBD and lavender mixture like any other topical essential oil blend. Apply to the skin before bedtime or anytime you want to create a calming atmosphere. To achieve the best effect, apply the oil to your wrists, hands, inner knees, neck, and behind the ears. These areas have the closest blood vessels to the skin surface, so it may help you feel the positive effects more quickly.


Papildoma informacija

CBD oil is a natural product extracted from hemp plants. It has no psychoactive effects, but it can help balance the nervous system. CBD hemp oil has particularly strong calming properties.

Regular CBD oil can be used both orally and topically, but this CBD oil is only intended for topical use. To get the maximum benefit from this product, we recommend applying it to your wrists, hands, neck, behind your ears, or on the inner part of your knees, as the blood vessels in these areas are closest to the surface and the oil will be absorbed most easily.

CBD oil from hemp has many beneficial properties, some of which include reducing stress, balancing sleep patterns, and overall balancing of the nervous system. So we recommend using this product before bed or anytime you want to relieve stress.

Absolutely not. The psychoactive effect is created by a substance found in cannabis called THC, but this product contains 0% THC.