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“A weighted blanket is perhaps something I can no longer do without. The air layer blanket provides good ventilation to keep you cool during hot days.”

“As soon as I started laying it, I wondered if the body would adapt later and the effect would not disappear. But I can confirm that it didn’t”

Vaida Vagabond

“Silk pillowcases have transformed my sleep into a nightly luxury, leaving my skin and hair noticeably smoother.”

“ Nox Nox blankets are enough heavy that you will sleep as if you were hugged all night, so you will feel very relaxed in the morning.”

Deeper sleep and
that’s no exaggeration.

Stress relief you can
wrap yourself in

The hug you never
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Your Sleep Matters to Us

We believe that sleep and rest are the foundation of well-being and energy. It is not always enough to be, simply, tired. That’s why we have created NOXNOX. Slow-living products brand for sleep, rest and overall well-being.

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