Weighted Neck Collar



Weighted neck collar for neck and shoulders. For therapy and relaxation. 57x57cm, 1,75kg. weight. Plačiau

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Weighted neck collar as a therapeutic tool for people with various disorders"


Rest at your workplace when experiencing fatigue, body or muscle tension.

Compact Size

Takes up little space. Weighs only 1.75kg. You can take it with you while traveling.

Discover the Benefits of Using a Weighted Neck Collar for Therapy and Relaxation

This 57×57 cm weighted neck collar is designed for adults and children. It fits comfortably around the chest.

The collar is small in size, so it is easy to fold and take with you to work, on vacation, or during leisure time. Children can also easily pack it in their backpack and take it to kindergarten or school. The weighted neck collar can also be used instead of a weighted vest, as it covers both the shoulders and part of the chest.

Weighted neck collar, recommended as a therapeutic tool

Recommended for individuals who:

  • Have sensory processing disorders
  • Suffer from anxiety, neurosis, and obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • Struggle with focus on one task
  • Battle depression or similar mental health conditions
  • Experience post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Have autism spectrum disorders.

Weight and Composition

The weight of the weighted neck collar is 1.75 kg and its size is 57x57 cm. It can be washed at a temperature of 30° C. The collar is made of 100% polyester. The outer material is soft, like velvet or cotton, and the inside consists of glass beads, polyester fibers, and fabric layers.


There are several ways to use the weighted neck collar. It can be worn on the shoulders, placed on the legs, or wrapped around the wrists. Like a weighted blanket, the collar applies gentle pressure to the body, specifically the shoulder strap, neck, and chest area.

How can a weighted neck collar help children with autism spectrum disorders?

This weighted collar can be referred to as a life saver for children with autism spectrum disorders. It can be used in situations when a child has difficulty concentrating and needs to increase their focus. For example, when doing homework, putting on the weighted collar can make it easier for children to concentrate, reduce distracting thoughts, and minimize fidgeting. It also helps in situations where a child may become anxious, such as:

  • traveling on public transportation
  • being among strangers
  • in public spaces with large crowds
  • or when there is a change in their daily routine.

The weighted collar is small and can be easily carried around. Therefore, when a child becomes restless or exhibits auto-aggressive behavior, this tool can significantly improve their condition.


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