How it all started

The idea to tell people about stress and anxiety relieving products came from our own personal experience.
Our family, like many others encountered a lot of worries, so we were looking for ways to reduce stress and also improve the quality of our sleep.

The way we feel influences how we act and the general quality of our life, after all, everyone would like to achieve a stress-free life, without constant pressure and anxiety.

After trying many different things, we discovered weighted blankets. After using it for around 6 months, we realized that it had the most positive effects out of all the products that we tried.

Weighted blankets creates a sense of safety and calmness, which improves your sleep during the night and allows your muscles to relax. We were really happy when we realized what a big influence better sleep had on our everyday life.

We want to share our discoveries, along with tips to help you reduce stress and that is how NoxNox was conceived.


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Experience and care

Our experience with Amazon allowed us to learn to put customers first and pay more attention to the quality of our service and products.

We make sure that every product we offer meet our strict standards, so we are constantly testing, searching and researching and only after all that do we offer them to you. The road for a product to appear in our shop usually takes 6 months, as we only offer products that we know you will be happy with.

We always want you to share your experience, because your opinion matters to us. After all, the information you share might help other people reduce stress and lead a happier life!  

We hope that you stay healthy and happy!