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Our 45-Night Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll love the difference a NOXNOX weighted blanket makes for your sleep. That’s why we offer a 45-Night Sleep Satisfaction Guarantee. Try it, and if you’re not completely happy with the results, we’ll gladly refund your purchase.

Here’s How It Works:

  • Sleep Soundly for 45 Nights: Experience the improved sleep and relaxation our weighted blankets provide for a full 45 nights.
  • Love it or Get a Refund: If you don’t notice a positive difference in your sleep quality, simply contact us to initiate a return. We’ll refund your purchase price, minus a €35 processing and sustainability fee.
  • Simple Exchange (If Desired): Want to try a different weight or size? We’ll happily facilitate an exchange (limit one per customer), subject to the €35 fee.

Important Notes:

  • Applies to Weighted Blankets: The 45-Night Guarantee applies exclusively to our weighted blankets. Duvet covers are not included.
  • Packaging Matters: Please keep the original packaging intact. Damaged packaging may affect your eligibility for the guarantee.

Focused on Your Sleep, Focused on Sustainability

We believe in better sleep and doing our part for the environment. The small fee helps us offset return costs and responsibly reuse packaging materials.

Ready to experience the NOXNOX difference? Explore our weighted blankets and find your perfect sleep solution today!