NOXNOX® Cloud Pillow

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New! 4 support zone system. Ergonomic cloud design. Together with a special Ice Silk cover. Suitable for children and adults. More

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4 support zones

Special cloud-shaped design with 4 support zones.


Does not accumulate dust and odors, various micro-organisms.

Soft and breathable

The soft and breathable new generation material is friendly to any skin type.

Heavenly comfort pillow for sleep

Heavenly comfort pillow for sleep

Pillow, knot, stress and anger ball. It has many different names because there are many different ways to use it. Use it for sleep, hugging when you want to have something with you, release steam by squeezing when you are upset or angry. Our pillow-ball-knot combines sustainable materials and stylish softness that can help you cope with daily stress.

NOXNOX® Cloud pillow benefits:

4 support zone system

4 support zone system

This pillow is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for the head, shoulders and neck during sleep. Experience the benefit of the cloud-shaped design while enjoying a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Anatomically fitted to the head, neck and shoulders, this pillow is an effective means of protecting the spine in the neck area. The scientifically proven height of 11 cm helps maintain the correct position of the head and neck spine.

Certified quality

Certified quality

This pillow is made of certified PU foam material that meets the highest quality and safety standards. It is certified by Certipur-US and CE, ensuring its compliance with strict tests for durability, performance and the absence of harmful substances.

Sleeping cloud

Sleeping cloud

This cloud-shaped design pillow is especially loved by children. Thanks to its unique appearance, it brings fun and excitement to children's sleep. This is a great pillow that not only provides comfort, but also creates fun and cute moments in the children's room.

Ice Silk cover

Comes with Ice Silk cover

Ice silk fabric is a type of synthetic fabric especially prized for its cooling and moisture wicking properties. The pillow cover is light, smooth and breathable. The term “ice silk” comes from the fabric’s ability to provide a cold sensation when touched to the skin. The fabric’s moisture-wicking properties help pull sweat away from your face, allowing it to evaporate quickly.

Ice silk fabric is also known for its softness and smoothness, which gives it a luxurious feel.

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