NOXNOX® Ergonomic sleep goggles



Introducing our latest addition to the sleep glasses line – the PRO series. Designed with ergonomics in mind, these sleep goggles are equipped with an elastic rubber band and an adjustable strap that provide a secure and comfortable fit. Experience a healthy and uninterrupted sleep with the PRO series sleep glasses. More

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Convenient fastening

Additional elastic bands for unrestricted fastening and wearing.

100% Blackout

Adjustable eye cups will allow you to achieve complete darkness even during daylight hours.

Personalized Eye Wear

With adjustable eye cups, it is possible to attain complete darkness even in daylight conditions.

Noxnox Ergonomic sleep goggles

Sleep Soundly with Adjustable PRO Series NOXNOX® Sleep Goggles

Sleep Better Anywhere with NOXNOX® PRO Series Sleep Goggles – Ergonomic and Total Darkness Guaranteed! Our latest 3D sleep glasses provide a comfortable and secure fit that blocks out all light, allowing your body to enter deep stages of sleep for optimal rest. With an improved clasp and elastic rubber insert, these goggle for sleeping stay in place all night long. Upgrade your sleep routine today with our revolutionary sleep goggles!

Ergonomic Sleep Goggles Benefits:

Ergonomic sleep goggles
Ergonomic sleep goggles benefits

Lightweight and Contour-Fitting!

Our latest sleep glasses are designed to adapt perfectly to your facial contours, providing a secure and comfortable fit that won't leave stretch marks. With a lightweight design, you can enjoy deep, restful sleep without any discomfort. Upgrade your sleep routine with our revolutionary sleep goggles today!

Adjustale goggles for sleeping

Perfect for All Shapes and Sizes

Our ergonomic sleep goggles feature easily adjustable cups in all directions, providing a customizable fit for optimal comfort. Designed for both men and women, the adjustable back closure ensures a secure and comfortable fit for any head size. Upgrade your sleep routine with our versatile and adjustable sleep goggles today!


Ergonomic Sleep Goggles FAQ

Sleep goggles are specialized eyewear designed to block out light and promote restful sleep by creating a dark environment that signals to the body that it’s time for rest.

Sleep goggles work by creating a dark environment that blocks out all light, helping the body to enter deeper stages of sleep. They are designed to fit securely over the eyes and adapt to the contours of the face for optimal comfort.

Sleep goggles can improve sleep quality by blocking out light and promoting deeper stages of sleep. They can also be helpful for people who work night shifts, travel frequently, or live in areas with high levels of ambient light.

Yes, many sleep goggles come with adjustable cups and a back closure that allow for a customizable and secure fit for individuals of all head sizes and shapes.

Yes, sleep goggles are designed to be lightweight and ergonomically shaped, providing a comfortable fit that doesn’t leave any marks on the face.

Yes, sleep goggles can be worn with other sleep aids such as earplugs or white noise machines to create a completely restful and calming sleep environment.

Most sleep goggles can be cleaned using a gentle soap and water solution, and then left to air dry. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and care to ensure the longevity of your sleep goggles.