NOXNOX® Air Layer Cooling Weighted Blanket



Upgraded!  Next generation Air Layer 2.0 – Breathable, Cool, and Incredibly Soft Fabric. 150x200cm. More

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Air Layer

Adding an Air Layer outer shell to a blanket provides breathable, cooling comfort.


A hypoallergenic blanket, made from non-irritating materials, can be a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Breathable & Soft

A blanket made from a breathable and soft material will provide both comfort and ventilation.

NOXNOX Air Layer weighted blanket

Cooling Weighted Blanket with Breathable Air Layer

Air Layer is a textile material used to create clothing and other products with air pockets that allow air to circulate. It is very useful when you want to avoid overheating and sweating, as air can flow freely through the layer.

Why NOXNOX® weighted blanket?

NOXNOX Air Layer material


NOXNOX® Air Layer weighted blanket differs from traditional heavy blankets with its special patterned outer layer, particularly soft and breathable. This blanket comes in three popular weights: 6.8kg, 9.07kg, and 11.33kg.

NOXNOX vėsinanti sunki antklodė

Air Layer

Air Layer is a soft cooling fabric. The cooling fabric features a unique, air-permeable structure that creates excellent ventilation and removes excess heat.

Air Layer materials

Blanket Composition

Soft pressure that helps you feel calm is created by extremely small glass beads embedded in the material. They are evenly distributed, completely imperceptible, and silent. The glass beads are made from certified, nature-friendly, and human body-safe materials.

Sunkios antklodės svorio pasirinkimas

10-15% Body Weight

The best effect of a weighted blanket is achieved when its weight is 10-15% of the person's body weight. Fans of heavy blankets can always choose one that is slightly heavier. If you haven't tried it yet and are unsure, we recommend choosing a lighter one.

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NOXNOX® Weighted Blanket Duvet Covers

Bambuko pluošto užvalkalas


305TC bamboo fiber, dark gray.

Bambuko pluošto ir minky užvalkalas


Double-sided bamboo and minky fabric cover.

Organinės medvilnės užvalkalas

Organic Grey

Naturally grey organic cotton cover.

Tamsiai mėlynas medvilnės užvalkalas

Dark Navy

Dark blue cotton cover.

Organinės medvilnės ir šerp užvalkalas

Organic / Sherpa

Double-sided organic cotton and sherpa cover.

Minky / Minky Dot užvalkalas

Minky/Minky Dot

Double-sided textured and velvety fabric cover.

Choose a Cover Designed for NOXNOX® Air Layer Weighted Blanket

For optimal comfort, we recommend choosing a cover specifically designed for a weighted blanket, with ties for securing the blanket in place. This will ensure that the weighted blanket stays evenly distributed within the cover, from edge to edge.

NOXNOX® Bamboo/Minky Reversible Cover

A unique two-sided cover suitable for use both in winter and summer. Use the bamboo fiber side to stay cool during hot summer days, and flip to the minky fabric side when you want to warm up.

Bamboo ir minky dvipusis užvalkalas

Eco Package

At NOXNOX, we care about sustainability and practicality. That’s why our weighted blankets are not only designed to provide comfort and relaxation, but also come packaged in 100% cotton bags that can be repurposed for storing bedding, clothes, or anything else you need to keep organized.



It depends on the type of weighted blanket and cover. We sell several different types of weighted blankets and covers. If you choose a weighted blanket with a sherpa or minky material cover, you will definitely not be cold in the winter. There is also a special weighted blanket called the “Space” blanket that is designed specifically for the winter. All NOXNOX weighted blankets have 7 layers instead of the usual 5, which also contributes to higher heat retention.

The blanket should be about 10%-15% of your body weight. There are no strict rules, and you can choose a weight that feels comfortable for you. Our standard weighted blanket sizes are: 150x200cm, 220x200cm, and 100x150cm (for children).

We do not recommend washing a weighted blanket at home, but you can wash the duvet cover. This is only a recommendation, as some customers have successfully washed their weighted blankets at home, depending on the size of the washing machine drum and the allowed weight. The easiest way is to take the weighted blanket to a professional cleaning and laundry service, where they use specialized machines.

The frequency of washing a weighted blanket depends on how intensively you use it, and whether you use a duvet cover. If you use a duvet cover, the cleaning intervals will be longer. We recommend washing a weighted blanket at a professional laundry service.

Do not dry clean. Do not use bleach. Do not iron. A weighted blanket up to 5kg can be washed in a washing machine using a gentle cycle. A weighted blanket above 5kg should be washed at a professional laundry service.

The care of a weighted blanket cover depends on the type of cover you have. In our online store, you can find covers made of cotton, bamboo fiber, velvet, and minky fabric.

Definitely not, the glass beads that provide the weight to the blanket are sewn into the blanket in a way that they remain invisible and unheard. They are evenly distributed throughout the blanket, so there is no need to worry about them falling to one side.

Yes, NoxNox blankets are made of durable materials, so this investment in better sleep will last you a long time.

There have been isolated cases where using an overly heavy blanket resulted in mild tingling in the legs or arms after a night’s sleep. These cases are highly individualized and may be caused by an individual’s sensitivity, where the same blanket may be too light for one person and too heavy for another. However, it’s important to remember that it’s possible you were just sleeping deeply 🙂 And as we know, deep sleep is essential for the body.

We recommend consulting with your doctor. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer, as it may depend on the weight of the blanket and the stage of pregnancy you’re in.

Note: We do not claim that weighted blankets cure insomnia or sleep disorders. It is one possible way that can help you sleep better. If you are looking for remedies for insomnia or sleep disorders, we recommend consulting with your family doctor. The information on the page refers to public sources of research on weighted blankets: NIH National Library of Medicine, AASM American Academy of Sleep Medicine. It is also individual to each person.

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Weight7 kg
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6.8kg, 9kg, 11kg

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No Cover, Reversible Bamboo/Minky, Minky / MinkyDot Grey, Cotton – Dark Navy, Cotton – Organic Grey, Bamboo, Cotton – White, Reversible Organic Cotton / Sherpa