NOXNOX® Sleep Band

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New! Eye band for sleep. Versatile use: for sleep, during flights, in the office when you need to rest. More

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Having trouble falling asleep and need complete darkness? With an eye mask, you can immerse yourself in complete darkness.


You can comfortably and peacefully fall asleep on a plane, at the airport, or on a bus with an eye mask.

Power Nap

Take a break from work and rest at your desk, whether you're feeling tired or just need a moment to yourself, or maybe even take a nap.

Experience Deeper Sleep with the New Sleep Eye Band

To ensure deeper sleep, complete darkness is necessary, and that’s exactly what the new NOXNOX eye mask for sleep provides. Just put it on and feel how well it fits your face and doesn’t let any light in. Thanks to this effect, your body will enter a deeper stage of sleep and allow for better rest throughout the night.

NOXNOX® sleep band benefits

100% Cotton

Made from undyed, naturally grey-colored organic cotton that is easy to wash by hand. The middle layer of the mask is made of cotton batting, which is also soft and gentle to the touch on your face.

Universal Size

NOXNOX® sleep band is 700mm in length and 110mm in width at its widest point. Its lightweight and adjustable strap make it suitable for both men and women to use.

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