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Adjustable pillow guide

Find Your Perfect Sleep Posture with Adjustable Pillow

Adjustable pillows are gaining popularity for their ability to enhance sleep quality by allowing users to modify pillow height and firmness according to personal preference and sleeping position. These innovative pillows come equipped with various mechanisms for adjustment, including manual and automatic options, catering to the complexity of sleep needs and the variety of body […]

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Health?

What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About Your Health?

The way you sleep says more about your health than you might think! Your preferred sleeping position can influence your spinal alignment, breathing, and even how well-rested you feel in the morning. While there’s a popular idea that sleep positions reveal personality traits, the science is strongest when it comes to how they affect your […]

Chronic fatigue. Is this the new pandemic?

Fatigue after a hard day’s work, a stressful day or an illness is a condition – and it goes away quickly. But what if it lasts for weeks or even months? It’s a sign that the body is saying “enough”.

Let’s talk more about chronic fatigue, which is increasingly common in busy lives.

Creating and maintaining habits for better sleep

Creating and maintaining habits for better sleep

It’s obvious that no one can survive without sleep. The quality of your sleep also matters, because while you sleep your brain “resets” and during that time, there are many biological processes happening in your body. The brain saves new information and gets rid of old information, that is no longer useful, also, during sleep […]

5 Biggest Myths About Anxiety You Must Know

5 Biggest Myths About Anxiety You Must Know

Each person is different, so anxiety can show up differently in everyone. Some people’s symptoms are worse and they even need to resort to medication and some cannot tolerate medication. Even though people have different experiences with anxiety, there are some facts about it, but also there are a lot of myths surrounding anxiety. Over […]

Kids Blanket

Weighted Blankets for Kids: A Parent’s Guide to Calmer Sleep and Improved Focus

Weighted blankets have gained significant popularity, especially for children, as they offer a range of potential benefits. These blankets contain evenly distributed weight from materials such as glass beads or plastic pellets. The added weight creates a soothing sensation, mimicking the feeling of being hugged, which may help improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and provide comfort […]

How to Increase REM Sleep

How to Increase REM Sleep Naturally: Expert-Backed Tips for Better Sleep

REM sleep, short for Rapid Eye Movement, is a fascinating stage of sleep where your brain is highly active and dreams are most vivid. It’s during these REM cycles that your brain solidifies memories, enhances learning, regulates emotions, and supports overall physical and mental well-being. Unfortunately, many people don’t get enough REM sleep, leading to […]