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Creating and maintaining habits for better sleep

It’s obvious that no one can survive without sleep. The quality of your sleep also matters, because while you sleep your brain “resets” and during that time, there are many biological processes happening in your body. The brain saves new information and gets rid of old information, that is no longer useful, also, during sleep your nerve cells renew. These processes make sure your brain functions as it should, so sleep is incredibly important to our physical and mental wellbeing.

When you wake up during the night, can’t fall asleep or feel anxious, your sleep and the processes that happen during it are disrupted. These days, when stress is more abundant for humans than ever before, it’s getting harder to maintain a good quality sleep. Because it’s getting harder to get good quality rest, there are some external factors that help fix your sleeping habits.

Sleep rituals, sleep hygiene and sleep routine. These processes are important because they act as habits that you do before bed that enhance your sleep. Taking up these habits can help you fall into deeper sleep, which helps you rest better and improves your nervous system.

Naturally, the question arises – what habits should you maintain to be freed from sleepless nights? Everyone’s body is different, so what works for everyone else might not work for you. That being said, our team here at NoxNox picked a few tips, which you can work into your routine to help improve your sleep.

More light during the day – better quality sleep during the night

Over the years your body adapts to live according to a sort of natural clock, which is called the individual circadian. This natural rhythm has a strong influence on our brains and hormones, helps us stay active during the day and signals when your body should be getting some rest. Studies have shown that the more light a person sees during the day, the more energy they have for their daily tasks, hence the body can rest better at night. Going on walks is not only a good way to get some exercise, but also an excellent way to get your body ready for good quality sleep at night. Tests have shown that after going on walks, a person will sleep better and also fall asleep faster at night.

Limiting your caffeine intake

This tip seems pretty obvious, but a lot of people still underestimate the effect of coffee and caffeinated beverages on sleep. It would seem obvious that you should not drink coffee right before you go to bed and while that is true, studies show that you should have your last cup of coffee much earlier than that. So you should not consume any caffeine after lunch time.

Caffeine has many positive effects on your body, unfortunately, better sleep is not one of them. Coffee stimulates the nervous system and does not allow your body to relax at night, so drinking coffee even 6 hours before bed can drastically reduce the quality of your sleep. This happens because caffeine can stay in your bloodstream for 6-8 hours. Sometimes it just so happens that you have a craving for caffeine, but in that case it’s better to opt for decaf coffee, chai tea or really weak coffee with a lot of milk.

Pay attention to the space where you sleep

While the correct mattress for you or a good layout of your bedroom is extremely important for the quality of your sleep, those are not the only things that you should pay attention to. It is important to notice the more subtle aspects of your bedroom that have a drastic effect on your sleep like temperature, light or noise. Your bedroom should be aired out, dark and isolated from the noise outside. Studies have shown that a person is more likely to sleep better in a room that is aired out and cool, rather than a warm room.

Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect temperature to sleep at. The solution? The weighted blanket from NOXNOX with a double sided cover. Not only will this weighted blanket reduce your stress and anxiety levels, but the double sided cover will make sure that you are never too hot or too cold. One side of the cover is made from a material called “Minky”, which will keep you warm during the coldest of nights and the other is made from bamboo fiber, which has a natural cooling effect on your body.

Sleep rituals should become an important part of every person’s life, especially for those, who encounter a lot of stress and anxiety during the day. Being in natural light, limiting your caffeine intake and a suitable sleeping environment are only a few examples of ways to improve the quality of your sleep and enjoy better rest. If you tried these tips and feel like your sleep could be improved any further, you should definitely try out the NOXNOX weighted blanket, which will help you fight stress and anxiety. 

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